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LibCrawlr: Play, Explore, Learn

Play LibCrawlr Now!

In Fall 2020, the game is available from September 20 to October 19 only.


Play LibCrawlr, the WVU Libraries exploration game, on your mobile phone or tablet to learn where the libraries are located and what you can do there to help you achieve academic success.

The Libraries provide access to credible sources for your research, helpful librarians ready to answer your questions, and inviting spaces for group or quiet study. Take pictures and answer questions while playing LibCrawlr to start your college journey on the right track.


LibCrawlr is a smart phone or tablet based exploration game that introduces students to physical and virtual locations and key services and resources in the WVU Libraries in an engaging way. Students learn that the Libraries provide access to credible sources to help them achieve academic success while taking pictures and answering questions alone or in small groups.

Make sure that students know the CRN of their course section before playing the game. Reports of your students' participation and their scores will be emailed to you after the due date of the assignment. Your responsibilities will include: