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OER Grant Application

WVU Libraries and Teaching and Learning Commons Open Educational Resources Grant

West Virginia University Libraries (WVUL) and the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) are partnering to support the use and development of Open Educational Resources (OER) through a grants program for instructors. The grants goal is to encourage development of alternatives to high cost textbooks, lower the cost of college for students, and support faculty who wish to implement new pedagogical models for classroom instruction, and grant applications which highlight Appalachia-related content or focus are highly encouraged.

The 2023/2024 grant period will open in late spring.

Grant Categories

Grants are given in one of three categories – Incorporate, Innovate, and Create.


Proposals in this category will replace an existing commercial textbook with a no/low or low-cost alternative such that total textbook costs for the course are less than $50.00. Priority will be given to proposals that utilize existing openly licensed materials which impact the largest amount of students. Examples: Use an Open Textbook Network mathematics textbook in Math 121 or an Open SUNY composition textbook in English 609. Range $300.00 - $500.00.


Proposals in this category will replace a commercial textbook with an open textbook and use freely licensed materials to bridge the gap in available resources through remix of new and/or existing openly licensed content. Example: Compile an introductory textbook for genetics by incorporating revised openly available works with chapters from an OER Commons textbook and create ancillary materials and homework, or compile an anthology of public domain poetry from Project Gutenberg to replace an edited volume and create your own annotations and assignments." Range $1500.00 - $2500.00.


Proposals in this category will create a new OER where there is currently no sufficient OER available to meet your learning objectives. Examples: Author a new openly licensed textbook or collaborate with students on the creation of a new textbook. Range $2500.00 - $3500.00.

Proposal Evaluation


Participation Requirements

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