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Peer Support for Instruction and Presentations

Would you like assistance with an upcoming instruction session or presentation? Do you want someone to look over your lesson plans and assessments? Would you like a “critical friend” to observe your instruction or presentation and offer feedback?

Members of the Teaching Support Group can offer you personalized and confidential assistance with these requests and more.

We offer the following types of support:

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching offers a low-stakes way to get feedback on your instruction. First, you will meet with a peer coach to review your lesson plan for an upcoming instruction session; your peer coach will offer constructive feedback. After you’ve taught the session, you will meet with your peer coach again to discuss how the session went and get confidential support and advice.

Teaching Observations

Teaching observations offer a more focused review of your instruction. First, you will meet with your classroom observer to decide what kind of feedback you want on your session. The observer will share appropriate observations forms / instruments from which to choose. After the instruction session, the teaching observer will confidentially share his/her findings with you and offer constructive feedback.

Presentation / Conference Practice

Do you have a conference presentation or workshop coming up? You can practice your presentation in a front of a friendly group to get constructive feedback. Share the presentation’s particulars (type; audience; venue; time limit; and so on) and schedule a time for everyone to meet. After your practice session, you will get confidential and supportive feedback regarding your presentation.

If you’d like to schedule any of these services, or if you have any questions, please contact Kelly Diamond (