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ULIB 302: Research for Non-Profits

ULIB 302/COMM 511
Research for Non-Profits
3 Credit Hours
Fulfills GEF 4, Society & Connections
Tue & Thu 1-2:15pm
Spring 2023

Course Description

In this course you will research grant opportunities for a local non-profit client. You will learn the basics of grant-seeking research including where and how to look for information on grants as well as how to find supporting evidence for grant proposals using discipline specific databases and statistics sources.

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Major Assignments

The following are general overviews of the major assignments for this course. More detailed assignment guidelines and grading rubrics will be distributed in class.

Team research portfolios: The final project of the course will be a research portfolio and presentation for a non-profit organization. The portfolio will be created in teams and will include an executive summary, profiles of potential funders, a proposed funding plan to meet the client's specific needs, useful statistics, and an annotated bibliography of sources.

Source memos: Students will independently write memos on potential sources for the final team research portfolio. Source memos will be due at the end of each unit, and each student will be graded individually.

Personal reflections: Each student will write 3 short personal reflections that give an account of his/her research process and his/her work with the non-profit.

Service hours: Students will be required to complete 5 volunteer hours for their non-profit organizations. Service hours will be logged using iServe, the online service management system provided by WVU’s Center for Service and Learning. You can learn more about iServe here: