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West Virginia University Libraries’ (WVUL) Teaching and Learning initiatives support the mission of West Virginia University Libraries as well as the mission of West Virginia University to “deliver high-quality education, excel in discovery and innovation, model a culture of diversity and inclusion, promote health and vitality, and build pathways for the exchange of knowledge and opportunity between the state, the nation, and the world.” Teaching and Learning at WVU Libraries seek to fulfill the instructional needs of West Virginia University students, faculty, staff, and the greater community. Instruction at WVUL is designed to prepare learners for the needs of the classroom today, current and future careers, professional development, self-improvement, and life-long learning improvement, and life-long learning.


ULIB Course Information

WVU Libraries offers a range of courses, each focused on information literacy skills needed for success into today’s information environment.


Schedule a Librarian-Led Instruction Session

Will your students be doing any research in your classes? Help them to succeed by scheduling an instruction session or workshop with a librarian. Librarians can not only instruct students how to use resources effectively, but they can lead sessions designed to improve student’s information literacy skills, such as evaluating sources, understanding ethical use of information, creating effective search strategies, and more.

Scheduling a session is easy:

  1. Contact your librarian liaison; you can browse this list if you don’t know your liaison.
  2. Or, you can fill out the Library Instruction Request form. Having a copy of your assignment at hand will help
  3. Or, you can call one of our library instruction coordinators.

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support

WVU Libraries’ Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support can provide assistance with instructional design and information literacy, digital learning objects, and assessment.

Plagiarism Avoidance Resources

The Libraries offer a plagiarism avoidance tutorial. This tutorial covers how plagiarism is defined; why students may advertently and inadvertently plagiarize; possible penalties for plagiarism; how to use information ethically in research papers / projects; and where to get help with researching and writing.