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Plagiarism Avoidance Resources

The Libraries offer two versions of our plagiarism avoidance tutorial. Both tutorials cover

Students work through 5 modules, taking self-tests in order to progress from one module to the next. After completing the last module, students take an exam on the Tutorial’s material. The final exam, consisting of 20 questions, randomly draws from a bank of 58 possible questions.

Students generally require about 1 hour of concentrated work time to complete the tutorial.


This version can be added to your course in eCampus, and the exam’s grade is immediately entered into the eCampus gradebook. To add the Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial to your class, you will need to open a support ticket with WVU ITS requesting the tutorial be copied to your course. 

When the tutorial is first added to your class, it will become the landing page or entry point for the class. Change the landing page/entry point for the course after the tutorial is migrated by

    1. Clicking on "Course Customization" in the left-hand menu
    2. Choosing Teaching Style.
    3. On the Teaching Style page, change the course entry point to what it was previously.
Students will access the tutorial from the left-hand menu.

NOTE: If you copy the Tutorial from a previous course shell to a current one, grades from the Final Test will not populate into the gradebook. 

If you would like to review the Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial before adding it to your current or future class, you can add it to the course shell of a non-current class using the process listed above.

Web Version

This version is available at Students will simply visit this link and take the tutorial and quiz. At the end of the quiz, they will be prompted to email their scores to their instructors. 

Tutorial questions? Please email either Kelly Diamond ( or Jessica McMillen (

eCampus questions? Phone ( 304.293.4444 or 1.877.327.9260) or email ( the ITS HelpDesk.