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Diversity Statement

Diversity at the WVU Libraries

West Virginia University Libraries is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, open, and equitable environment for all students, faculty, staff, and patrons to engage in sharing knowledge.

West Virginia University Libraries pursues the goals of

Diversity – the presence of difference;

Equity - the process of ensuring that everyone has what they need to succeed while taking context into account; and

Inclusion - a climate where all members of our community feel valued and respected.

Our institutional efforts towards these goals to date include:

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Action Committee

Based on the belief that inclusivity is critical to fostering excellence, the committee’s work supports diversity through inclusivity education and advocacy initiatives with an intersectional approach to understanding how race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, socioeconomic class, and national identity affect our staff, workplace, profession, and the communities we serve.

WVU Libraries Accessibility Information

WVU Libraries Services for Student Veterans

The WVU Libraries are committed to providing support to the community of WVU student veterans as they pursue their academic programs of choice. We provide dedicated study space in both our Evansdale and Downtown Campus Libraries in order to promote community building around academic pursuits. We offer a broad range of services to all WVU students including Ask a Librarian, borrowing, copying and printing, eReserves and reserves, interlibrary loan, multimedia equipment, patents and trademarks, and room reservations.