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Faculty and Staff Awards

Art in the Libraries’ Faculty/Staff Exhibit Award

As part of its mission, The Art in the Libraries Committee seeks to highlight the art and scholarship of WVU faculty and staff. With the Faculty/Staff Exhibits Award, Art in the Libraries committee invites current WVU faculty/staff to submit ideas for consideration for an exhibit to visually showcase their scholarship in new and experimental ways. These can present a visual evolution of their work, visualize their research and influences, or answer a research question. Faculty/staff proposals should be based on their academic or creative research and lend themselves to visual interpretation with Library consultation. 

Goals of these awards are to:

Exhibit Information:

  • Exhibit Location: Downtown Campus Library,  Room 1020
  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Programs:  Awardee can give a public lecture, program or demonstration.
  • Award: $1,000 as professional development funds*
  • Eligibility: All West Virginia University faculty or staff 

    • Winners will be selected by the Art in the Libraries Committee. Selection will be based on applications that best meet the award's goals listed above.
    • Applicants may contact Sally Brown, for a tour and/or consultation before applying.

      *Awards also include help with design, installation, promotion, and coordination of a public program, offering an opportunity for exposure.

      Distinguished Service Award

      To recognize significant and substantial long term contributions to WVU Libraries and the library community.

      Selection Criteria:


      Nominate someone for the Distinguished Service Award

      Library Staff Association/Outstanding Staff Awards

      To recognize and honor the achievements and outstanding work of worthy employees each calendar year on behalf of the University Libraries. Various categories (Employee of the Year, Continuing Excellence, and the Team Project) are available, and certain unique criteria apply to each category. 

      Selection Criteria:

      • Employee of the Year: May be awarded annually to the library staff member who best exemplifies the standard of excellence at West Virginia University.
      • Continuing Excellence: May be awarded annually to the library staff member who consistently maintains the standard of excellence at West Virginia University.
      • Team Project: May be awarded to library staff who work together to achieve new efficiencies in library services, enhance library services, and/or promote the image of the WVU Libraries and its employees


      • All regular, full‐time or part‐time (non‐faculty) library employees. A library staff member who receives a nomination must have been working at the University Libraries for at least one year prior to the nomination. 
      •  An employee may win an individual award once every three years.  

      Outstanding Librarian Award

      To recognize achievements and significant contributions, and to encourage the creativity and initiative of WVU Library faculty.

      Selection Criteria:

      • Extraordinary service facilitating the attainment of the missions and goals of WVU Libraries.
      • Exceptional contributions toward the delivery, development, or expansion of library services or special programs for the constituencies of WVU Libraries (local and regional).
      • Innovative and sustained accomplishments in public, technical, and other areas may include but are not limited to:
        • Improving library user education.
        • Facilitating faculty teaching and research.
        • Increasing outreach to non-local users.
        • Outstanding management and delivery of existing services.
        • Selection and organization of library materials.
        • Outstanding stewardship and collection development of library materials
        • Attributes sought in the finalist may include leadership, initiative, creativity, dedication, and exemplary attitude.


      • Open to all current and retired Library faculty who have been employed by WVU Libraries for at least two years.
      • Current Awards Committee members and the current Library Faculty Assembly chair are not eligible to receive nominations for this award. The Dean and Associate Dean are not eligible to receive this award.
        Nominate a librarian for the Outstanding Librarian Award