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WVU Libraries Interlibrary Loan Policies

Currently enrolled WVU students, faculty, and staff who are in good standing with the WVU Libraries, are eligible for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.


WVU faculty, staff and students are not charged for Interlibrary Loan. The WVU Libraries absorb any costs charged by the lending library. However, interlibrary loan is not inexpensive. It is important that users return ILL materials by the due date and respect the restrictions placed by the lending library. Fees, fines and bills that can be incurred are listed below:

Overdue Fines

Placing more than 250 Interlibrary Loan requests in one semester

Because interlibrary loan costs can be expensive and we are trying to serve the entire WVU community, it is crucial that users limit their requests to items that are essential to their research. The Library has set a limit on requests at 250 in one semester. When the number of requests placed by one user exceeds 250, the cost of each transaction over 250 will be passed on to the patron.

Paying Overdue Fines, Fees or Invoices

Students library fines and bills are sent to the Office of Student Accounts and may be paid there or online at All library fees and fines, including ILL charges, must be paid before a student is able to graduate or request transcripts.

Faculty may pay library fines and bills at any Morgantown campus library. Checks, cash or credit cards are accepted.

What we are able to borrow from other libraries

ILL staff will attempt to borrow almost any material. However, books, articles, conference papers, proceedings, musical scores and recordings, items on microfilm, dissertations and DVDs are the most easily obtained.

Materials that are very old (items older than 1900) or rare items are often not available through Interlibrary Loan since libraries don't want to send them through the mail. Other items that are hard to get include:

Turnaround Time

Book loans take an average of 4 days to 2 weeks to arrive. Journal articles may be received within hours but might also take up to a week or more. When working on a research project, users should build in plenty of time to request and receive materials from other libraries.

You may check the status of your requests anytime by logging into your ILLiad account. Notification of receipt of ILL material, and all other ILL notices, is by email. To access articles online, logon to your ILLiad account. At the main menu, choose "Electronically Received Articles" on the main page.