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Goal 1

Be an exemplary land-grant university library that advances and promotes West Virginia and the Appalachian region


Build strategic partnerships across WVU and with community groups
Meets Goals 1 & 3

In recognizing that collaboration can foster creative approaches to meet the needs of the WVU community, WVUL will work to develop partnerships with relevant groups across the University and in our communities.

Sample Actions
  • Continue partnerships with Center for Service Learning, Humanities Center, Office of Graduate Education and Life 
  • Develop ways for community members to be more involved in the process of collecting community archives

Expand access to and breadth of collections, including collections focusing on West Virginia and      Appalachia
Meets Goals 1 & 2

WVUL’s collections support the educational mission of WVU as a land-grant university. In doing so, we commit to collecting resources that reflect local, state, and regional interests, while identifying and addressing historic and systemic collection gaps.

Sample Actions
  • Undergo Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) training to enable KARM to create specific name authorities specific to West Virginia
  • Develop the Feminist Activist Archives in the West Virginia Regional History Center

Participate in University initiatives focusing on West Virginia and Appalachia
Meets Goals 1 & 3

To meet our land grant mission in a collaborative, integrative, and effective way, WVUL will support University-wide initiatives focusing on advancing education, healthcare, and prosperity in West Virginia and Appalachia.

Sample Actions
  • Support the WVU Press by continuing to purchase items from them
  • Support the WV P20 Program by providing library resources to enrolled students