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Goal 4

Be a model of social equity


Be intentional about recruiting, hiring, and retaining Black, Indigenous, and people of color

We aim to build on previous work in recruiting Black, Indigenous, and people of color by developing a plan to assess and improve hiring and retention practices. This work is contingent on developing a climate where Black, Indigenous, and people of color feel supported and able to influence policies, practices, and values.

Sample Actions

  • Track the hiring, retention, and promotion of Black, Indigenous, and people of color in faculty and staff positions over time to identify action areas 
  • Examine the framework for success in the WVUL Residency Program 

Engage in inclusive decision-making based on assessment and data  
Meets Goals 3 & 4

Since decision making can favor the perspectives and values of those in power, e.g. department heads and committee chairs, decision makers will balance incorporating relevant assessment and data while being inclusive of diverse groups. Assessment may include both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Sample Actions

  • Make committee decision-making transparent by documenting via Confluence
  • Develop an assessment plan early on in a project lifecycle 

Normalize accessibility and Universal Design in our physical, digital, and instructional spaces 

The pursuit of teaching and learning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their individual ability. Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning work to make physical, digital, and instructional spaces accessible to all users and learners by breaking down barriers.

Sample Actions
  • ​When reviewing new products or services, review their accessibility for different groups
  • Review and prepare to adopt the new WCAG 2.2 release for future compliance for websites and applications 

Provide excellent equity and data-informed library services  
Meets Goals 3 & 4 

To meet the changing needs of students, faculty, and staff at an R1 land-grant university, we will provide excellent services by integrating relevant data in an equitable way to better understand the landscape and to improve services.

Sample Actions

  • Identify ways to better meet the needs of non-traditional student populations (e.g. international, commuting, and veteran students) through inclusive processes that respect and include students’ perspectives 
  • When creating safety procedures and working with UPD, consider whether it is safe for everyone, e.g. for people of various races, genders, and other social identities

Explore ways to make the Libraries a safe and affirming space for all, but especially for library users who belong to minoritized social groups

Meets Goals 4 & 5

As Library users interact with WVUL in both digital and physical spaces, WVUL employees will assess ways to make all Library spaces safe and affirming for all.

Sample Actions

  • Conduct safety and kindness building audits to assess areas for improvement 
  • Build an all gender bathroom at the Downtown Campus Library