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Goal 5

Be a university library that advances a culture, climate, and organizational structure that promotes sustainability, well-being and an enriched quality of life 


Cultivate an organizational culture that prioritizes well-being and work-life balance

WVUL will develop a work culture that prioritizes well-being and work-life balance by recognizing and building ways to support employees

Sample Actions
  • Create a document affirming a workplace commitment to work-life balance and make that commitment explicit for new employees 
  • Build a culture where saying no is an option, e.g. “we work; we do not overwork”

Grow as a Learning Organization

As one of the five disciplines in the Learning Organization, mental models describe the generalizations and assumptions that people have about the world around them. WVUL employees will work on developing mental models that allow room for an open exchange of ideas and making mistakes, as well as flexibility and listening. Instead of assuming that we know others’ intentions, we will develop a culture where it is safe to learn and improve together. At the same time, we expect people to be proactive in learning about and practicing respectful modes of communication.

Sample Actions

  • Adopt the DEIA Guidelines for Respectful Spaces and Discussions
  • Be willing to switch directions after close listening and learning new information

Explore ways to make the Libraries a safe and affirming space for all, but especially for library users who belong to minoritized social groups

Meets Goals 4 & 5

As Library users interact with WVUL in both digital and physical spaces, WVUL employees will assess ways to make all Library spaces safe and affirming for all.

Sample Actions

  • Conduct safety and kindness building audits to assess areas for improvement 
  • Build an all gender bathroom at the Downtown Campus Library

Identify ways to implement sustainable practices

WVUL will assess existing processes and policies to develop and adopt a sustainability plan in alignment with the American Libraries Association’s addition of sustainability as a core value. Sustainable practices will be environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable.

Sample Actions

  • Coordinate with facilities to develop and implement a sustainability plan 
  • Assess and revise processes and procedures to make them as sustainable as possible