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Goal 2

Be a leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge


Be a leader in teaching equity-informed information literacy

Librarians will lead information literacy instruction for WVU by centering equity-driven approaches. Critically evaluating information for research and learning requires teaching students how to think about systemic inequities in society and how those inequities inform the development and dissemination of knowledge.

Sample Actions 

Expand access to and breadth of collections, including collections focusing on West Virginia and Appalachia
Meets Goals 1 & 2

WVUL’s collections support the educational mission of WVU as a land-grant university. In doing so, we commit to collecting resources that reflect local, state, and regional interests, while identifying and addressing historic and systemic collection gaps. 

Sample Actions

  • Undergo Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) training to enable KARM to create specific name authorities specific to West Virginia
  • Develop the Feminist Activist Archives in the West Virginia Regional History Center

Pursue alternative research and publishing models to improve access to                 materials in anticipation of rising collections costs and budgetary restrictions

WVUL will pursue alternative research and publishing models to improve access to collections for WVU student, faculty, and staff. This goal will require creative and collaborative approaches to balance disciplinary and budgetary needs.

Sample Actions

  • Continue to advocate and negotiate for open access, e.g. by adding pre-prints or post-prints to the Research Repository 
  • Maintain current level of support for OA efforts; when possible, review additional avenue of OA support with the goal of eventually achieving the 2.5% commitment