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Libraries Depository

The WVU Libraries' buildings do not have enough space to hold all the books and journals we own. The storage facility is used to keep low-use library materials in a controlled environment and make space for current resources. A high density offsite storage facility provides a practical solution to space and financial considerations.

The  library depository can house up to 1 million volumes. The facility provides optimal temperature and humidity for fragile archival items, as well as efficient storage for low use materials. High-density shelving consists of 36” by 53” shelves framed 30’ high. Books are sorted by size, stored in barcoded acid free trays, wrapped in archival paper if necessary for optimal use of space and preservation purposes. A battery powered lift is utilized for book shelving and retrieval.

The depository provides 24-hour turn around time and uses fax or digital transmission when practical. The facility is a critical component of the university library system and provides support for both research and teaching.

Instructions: User's Guide to Depository Requests

Please visit our Intra-Campus Delivery Service page to learn how to request books, DVDs, journals, articles, and other materials from the depository.

Depository Fact Sheet

Depository Holdings

625,546 Volumes
Includes holdings from Downtown Campus Library, Evansdale and Health Sciences Library.

Archival Collections

Updated April 2010

Collection Guidelines for Storage

The following materials are housed in the library depository:


Journals (Periodicals, Serials, and Standing Orders)

Special Materials

Other Materials

Selection Guidelines Review

The WVU Libraries reviews these selection guidelines annually. Based on experience, space needs, and use, the guidelines are revised as needed to best support teaching, research, and service at West Virginia University.


In order to practice disciplinary sensitivity, exceptions will be considered with appropriate rationale.

Guidelines adopted: September 10, 1999