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Rare Books Collection Development Policy

Rare Books Collecting Policy

Revised 11/24/2009, 04/27/2016, & 04/12/2018


To continue to diversify the rare book collection by acquiring works from a global perspective, moving away from works representing a historic colonial past in deference to establishing a collection that is a reflection of the diverse WVU faculty and student community.

Collection Management

  1. These are existing collections that represent our strengths and are appropriate for expansion:
  • These are areas that are presently targeted for emphasis and expansion:
  • We want to continue to develop and maintain the following focus areas at a comprehensive level, in both general holdings and special collections:
  • We want to maintain and continue to develop the following areas to a level that is not comprehensive but that constitutes a representative collection significant enough for serious research and pedagogy.
  • For books that do not fall into the above specified subject areas, use the following cut-off dates as a major determinant for their inclusion in the Rare Books Collection. Other factors (such as condition, provenance, and significance) will also be considered.
  • Additional Considerations