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Research Repository Policies


The Research Repository @ WVU is an open-access digital repository for the collection, management, preservation, and dissemination of intellectual works produced at West Virginia University. This document outlines the collection development and curation policies governing materials deposited in the repository.

Content Policy

Materials deposited in the Research Repository should reflect intellectual and scholarly activity at WVU. Deposited materials may include:

Generally deposit is limited to members of the WVU community, including faculty, researchers, staff, graduate students, and, under certain circumstances, undergraduate students. Works created by non-WVU affiliates in conjunction with WVU-affiliates (e.g. coauthors) or programming (e.g. work for WVU-hosted events) is generally eligible for deposit.

Curation Policies

Withdrawing Materials

The Research Repository @ WVU is intended to be a permanent repository of intellectual and creative work produced at WVU. Therefore, removing materials from the repository is highly discouraged. Nevertheless, authors may request for their deposited materials to be removed and these requests will be honored. Under most circumstances, a citation to the removed content will remain.

Embargo Policies

Materials are, by default, available open access to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Upon the request of depositing authors, works may be placed under an embargo for up to five years, after which the works will be openly available. Works under embargo will be stored on the Research Repository’s servers, but will not be accessible to anyone other than repository staff.

Digital Preservation

Deposited materials are backed up offsite by the Research Repository’s hosting vendor, Bepress.

File Formats and Size

The Research Repository @ WVU accepts all file formats. However, it is recommended that materials be deposited in open file formats such as PDF, HTML, JPEG, MPG, WMV, as this aids in user accessibility and promotes long-term preservation. While there is no formal size limit, files should be reasonably sized. Please contact Research Repository staff if you have concerns about file sizes and formats.