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Poster Printing

Users must come to the Library to print posters , files cannot be emailed or sent any other way to staff for printing. All image files must be in .pdf format to print correctly, bringing the image file to the library on a flash drive is highly recommended. For best results we recommend your final poster be 150-300 dpi. Keep in mind that images on the web are often 72dpi and may become pixelated if they are enlarged to poster size.


Cost per Size
Designation Size Cost
ANSI A 8.5" x 11" $0.90
ANSI B 11" x 17" $1.78
ANSI C 17" x 22" $3.55
ANSI D 22" x 34" $7.11
ANSI E 34" x 44" $14.21
Architectural A 9" x 12" $1.03
Architectural B 12" x 18" $2.05
Architectural C 18" x 24" $4.10
Architectural D 24" x 36" $8.21
Architectural E 36" x 48" $16.42

Custom sizes generally cost $1.35 per square foot. The printer uses paper on 24" and 36" rolls. One side of the poster must 36" or smaller. A paper cutter is available to cut posters to size after printing.

Paying for Poster Prints

Poster printing requires a Mountaineer Card with money available. Deposit money on your Mountaineer Card using a debit or credit card by visiting the Deposit Mountie Bounty online page.

For Health Sciences Departments only — To charge your posters paid for by a HSC department fund code, please use this form. You must know the entire code to charge to in Mountaineer Marketplace.


Downtown Campus Library:

Poster printing is available on the first floor at the Downtown Campus Library (DCL). Please check our hours page for DCL Poster Printing hours. During the above hours please call 304-293-0362. 

Evansdale Library:

Poster printing is available on the main floor of the Evansdale Library (EL). Please check our hours page for EL Poster Printing hours. During the above hours, please call 304-293-2900. 

Health Sciences Library:

Printing is available at the Health Sciences Library during regular business hours. Please visit the Access Services Desk to print a poster.