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Patron Conduct

Patron Conduct in the WVU Libraries: Basic Library Policy Governing Public Use

1.      Purpose and Scope

1.1. Purpose. It is the policy of the West Virginia University Libraries to maintain a quiet and otherwise appropriate environment to assure an atmosphere conducive to study in all units of the University Library system. It is incumbent upon library patrons to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of the University Libraries. It is expected that those who use the University Library system will do so responsibly and appropriately without harassing other users or library staff and without damaging the Library's facilities or its collections.


2.      Guidelines

2.1.Patrons who violate any of these policies may lose their privilege to use the University Libraries, be subject to University-imposed discipline, and/or be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate. The following rules governing use of the University Libraries have been established to provide a safe environment for library patrons and staff; to prevent activities which could endanger the libraries, its equipment, or collections; and to maintain an atmosphere which permits the intended uses of the University Libraries.

2.1.1.   These rules may be modified from time to time.

2.1.2.   The rules include but are not limited to the following:


2.2.1.   Consumption of food is allowed in most public areas of the University Libraries, however, library users are asked to use beverage containers with lids.  

2.2.2.   No food or beverages are permitted in the West Virginia and Regional History Center, the Library Rare Book Room, or the History Room of the Health Sciences Library.  

2.2.3.   In accordance with University policy, the use of tobacco in any form, as well as vaping and e-cigarettes, is prohibited in all areas of the University Libraries.


2.3.1.   With the exception of Service Dogs, animals are not permitted in any University Libraries facilities (see Service Dog Policy).


2.4.1.   The University Libraries have no facilities for secure storage of personal property of library users, and will not under any circumstances take responsibility for such property.  We will not take responsibility for theft of personal property in the University Libraries.


2.5.1.   The University Libraries do not permit behavior which is incompatible with the use of the Libraries by its patrons or staff. The University Libraries prohibit the following conduct on its premises. Behaviors not permitted include, but are not limited to, the following:         Soliciting library patrons or staff for donations, purchases, etc.         Buying or selling goods or services of any kind         Passing petitions to library patrons, conducting unauthorized surveys, distributing pamphlets or other materials directly to library patrons or staff         Creating excessive noise         Using threatening, intimidating, or abusive language         Abusing or intimidating library staff or patrons         Sexual harassment         Overt signs of substance abuse, including drunkenness         Overt sexual behavior    Bringing weapons, simulated or real, into any library facility    Entering areas of the library marked "Staff Area", unless by appointment or invitation    Using skateboards or skates    Fighting or other rowdy behavior


2.6.1.   The University Libraries prohibit behavior which will damage University Libraries equipment or collections or library facilities.  The types of behavior which are not permitted include, but are not limited to, the following:        Defacing University Libraries buildings, equipment, or collections        Deliberate misuse of University Libraries equipment or collections        Destruction or mutilation of library books or other materials


2.7.1.   The University Libraries will notify law enforcement authorities concerning any criminal behavior in the University Libraries. Among the areas in which the University Libraries will be particularly vigilant and pursue legal remedies are:        Theft of University Libraries equipment or collections        Theft of patron personal property        Vandalism        Deliberate misuse or damage to University Libraries equipment or collections        Exhibitionism        Assault, including verbal threats


2.8.1.   Children may not be left unattended for any period of time.

2.8.2.   The University Libraries are not responsible for the safety of children left unattended in any part of the University Libraries. Children should be accompanied at all times by a parent or adult, for their own safety and wellbeing. 

2.8.3.   Parents, not the WVU Libraries, are responsible for children’s use of the Library including access to online electronic resources.  The WVU Libraries provide complete, non-filtered access to the Internet. 

2.8.4.   In situations where these policies are abused, library staff will take appropriate action. This action may include contacting parents, campus security, and/or juvenile authorities.


2.9.1.   Library patrons will be paged only in case of emergency.


November 2019